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Ashiesh Roy to play A R Rahman - Mr.Bhat - 01-12-2010

<img style="float:left; margin: 0px 10px 0px 0px;" src=""/>Ashiesh Roy will now be seen in SAB’s Yeh Chanda Kanoon Hai in which he will play the Oscar-winning music director A R Rahman. He is naturally on cloud nine.

“It is not everyday that an actor gets to play a living legend like Rahman. The producers were searching for a musically-inclined actor to play the composer. Rajan Wagdhare, the director suggested my name to them. I had earlier portrayed Mehmood saab’s character from Padosan in his sitcom, and I guess, he thought I could do justice to this role as well,” says the actor.

Elaborating on the episode he says, “A small-time Bhojpuri music director accuses A R Rahman of lifting his tunes to compose his super-hit songs. Chanda Rani (Juhi Parmar) defends Rahman and exposes the other guy who has in fact been stealing tunes from the award winning director and passing them off as his own compositions. It’s an extremely witty episode and deals with music plagiarism.” Ashiesh has recently been seen in the channel’s popular sitcoms like Paritosh Painter’s Sri Adi Manav and Ashwini Dheer’s Laaptaganj.

The Yeh Chanda Kanoon Hai episode will air on January 14 at 9 pm.