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Absolute Linux 12.2.2 Was Released - Sathish - 03-20-2009

The installation now uses the ext4 filesystem

[Image: 30a5m3c.png]

Paul Sherman, the creator of Absolute Linux, a Slackware-based Linux distribution, has announced yesterday, March 19th, the release of Absolute Linux 12.2.2. Among others things, changes were made to the Linux kernel that is now at version and to the installation that now uses ext4 as the default filesystem. Ext3 and ReiserFS are of course still available for those who don't yet trust the hype surrounding ext4.

"The kernel, for now, is the Slackware hugesmp, so it is Slackware "stock" Waiting feedback if users like this or would rather get specific configuration tweaked. The large number of changes along with imminent bump in Xorg led me to go with the flow for now in order to expedite and allow easier input from Slack-compatible repositories." said Paul Sherman, in the official release announcement.

A large number of applications and libraries were updated too and the rc.inet1.conf will now automatically reset at boot if users switch from netcofig/manual network setup to wicd.

Absolute Linux 12.2 features:

· Linux kernel
· The latest Mozilla Firefox 3.0.7 Web Browser
· Abiword 2.6.6
· Deluge 1.1.3 BitTorrent client
· Flash Player
· The Gnu Image Manipulation Program 2.6.5
· Mplayer 0.9.1
· Gtk-recordMyDesktop
· IceWM 1.2.35

About Absolute Linux

Absolute Linux aims to be a desktop that doesn't get in your way. Using the IceWM window manager and integrating some of the best lightweight applications, users get a full desktop experience even on low-end machines. Useful configuration and maintenance scripts with intuitive graphical frontends are also available for still-learning Absolute users.

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