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New TP - Sathish - 03-21-2009

There is a new TP (11661H 5000 3/4) added in Insat 4B . :dance:

[Image: f24ot3.jpg]

RE: New TP - vln_arun - 03-21-2009

whether that TP is for SD?????
when i tried adding that TP in my homecast STB the signal quality is 0.

RE: New TP - Tamilan - 03-21-2009

I think they are not for sun direct

RE: New TP - rizram - 03-23-2009

(03-21-2009, 09:31 AM)Tamilan Wrote: I think they are not for sun direct

ya u r correct in this tp was dd+ (or) is launched more new channels....