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NE TV Group launches multi-lingual channel in south India - Sathish - 03-21-2009

MUMBAI: HY Media and Entertainment has launched Hy TV, a channel catering to the cosmopolitan people across the globe.

Hy TV, thus, becomes South India’s first multi-lingual global TV channel for news, current affairs and infotainment.

The channel will be aired exclusively in English, Hindi and Urdu. While Hyderabad is the helm of affairs for the channel, it has bureaus in other southern cities like Bangalore, Chennai and Thiruvanthapuram.

With this, the North-East TV Group has six channels under its banner. The others are NE TV, NE Bangla, NE Hi-fi, Hamar TV (India’s first news and current affairs multi-lingual Bhojpuri channel), and Focus TV (Asia’s first 24x7 news and current affairs channel for women).

"Our strategy is to present responsible news while being creative in different languages like Hindi, English and Urdu. We focus on the problems of development, health, women and children, minorities, dalits and everything under the roof. We are here to solve the common man's woes and take it to the government," says chairman and managing director Matang Sinh.

"Many of the bureaucrats who are policy makers are non-Telugu's and they need to know the ground realities. The HY TV Hindi and English bulletin is meant for them. The Urdu-speaking population also requires a dedicated news source about the Old City, which is a neglected area," Sinh added.

HY TV will stay away from sensationalising news. Apart from the regular news features, the channel has a basket full of infotainment programmes, reality shows and travelogues.