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Discovery to air 'Revealed: Shah Rukh Khan' - Sathish - 02-18-2010

NEW DELHI: Even as Travel and Living is all set to start a series on Living with A Superstar later this month, its sister channel Discovery will telecast Revealed: Shah Rukh Khan later this week on the formula for the actor’s unparalleled success – both at home and abroad.

The single-episode programme will have social anthropologists, filmmakers, scholars, critics and lifestyle commentators detail the virtues which make him the consumer friendly face for brands, an innovative entrepreneur, a mega filmstar, an NRI icon and an ideal family man. The experts will explain indepth the impact he has had on both Bollywood and India’s image abroad.

Discovery Channel will air the programme on 19 February at 8 pm and repeat it at 10 pm. The programme will repeat on 20 February at 9 pm and 11 pm and 21 February at 8 pm.

Coming from India's bourgeoning middle class, Shah Rukh Khan’s meteoric success in Bollywood makes him the poster-boy of multiple generations.

Discovery Channel will bring an engaging one-hour programme detailing how his insatiable ambition combined with the overall socio-political changes during the last two decades and the country’s globalisation path transformed an industry-outsider to an icon of contemporary India.

Said Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific senior vice president and general manager – India Rahul Johri, “Discovery Channel’s unique strength is in uncovering the unexplained phenomenon, be it life-changing events, personalities with global influence or unique wonders of our nature. This time it will examine the beginning, growth and impact of one of the biggest success stories of contemporary India – Shah Rukh Khan.”

Commenting on the programme, Shah Rukh Khan said, “I have enjoyed watching the Discovery Channel for many years. I am quite excited that viewers will now watch a programme on my life on this exceptional channel.”

A range of experts including social anthropologist Shiv Vishwanathan, film scholar MK Raghvendra, film critic Anupama Chopra, advertising and brand expert Prasoon Joshi and media expert Priya Tanna will uncover the secret for Shah Rukh Khan’s enviable success.

Discovery Channel commissioned Blue Mango Films and Red Chillies Idiot Box to produce the programme.

The same duo have produced Living with A Superstar, a 10-episode series on Shah Rukh Khan. It will be aired every Friday from 26 February at 9 pm, and repeated several times a week.

The series, which was the most expensive show ever made by the group in India, had been conceived around 18 months earlier and shot in several countries beginning with the IPL in South Africa.

It will show Khan with family and on vacation, his relationship with his wife Gauri and children and other relations, unique filmmaking process and approach, time management and being switched on 24x7, brand power, interactions with fan and staff, life outsode India, his castle Mannat and Shahrukhisms, Johri said.

He said Khan had given great access into Mannat to this channel than any other. He also said the channel was not like a biopic, nor did it have any interviews. It was told almost entirely by Khan in his own voice.


RE: Discovery to air 'Revealed: Shah Rukh Khan' - Sathish - 02-19-2010