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I want to touch Sachin's feet: Gavaskar - Sathish - 02-26-2010

New Delhi: Sunil Gavaskar, bowing down to the remarkable double century smashed by Sachin Tendulkar on Tuesday, said he would like to touch the 36-year-old's feet.

Tendulkar cracked an unbeaten 200 against South Africa in Gwalior to become the first batsman in ODIs to hit a double hundred.

"Who else has 93 international hundreds, who else has more than 14,000 ODI runs, who else has more than 17, 000 Test runs? Nobody. I would really like to bend down and touch his feet. If somebody is at that pedestal, I would like to do that," Gavaskar told CNN-IBN.

Gavaskar, who has been Tendulkar's idol ever since he started playing cricket, was missing from the commentary box in Gwalior.

"I am completely overwhelmed. I wish I was there to congratulate him and tell him to carry on to reach more peaks," said an emotional sounding Gavaskar.

Gavaskar saluted Tendulkar's invincible spirit and hinted that the master blaster has a long way to go.

"What drives him on is the little boy in him. And that little boy in him just wants to play, play and play. That is the spirit that keeps him going. And then of course there is the incentive of representing your country," remarked Gavaskar.

"The best part about Sachin Tendulkar is that he just focuses on the present. He doesn't think about the past," he added.

Source: Cricketnext