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SRK series a hit, claims Discovery - Sathish - 03-05-2010

Discovery Communication has said that its new series Living With a Super Star – Shah Rukh Khan has been a huge success, attracting higher viewership than all English entertainment and news channels at prime time on February 26, Budget day.

Discovery Travel and Living had premiered the first of the ten episodes on the life of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan at 9 p.m. last Friday.

Quoting TAM Ratings, Mr Rahul Johri, Senior Vice-President and General Manager, Discovery Networks India, said the show “has emerged as India's No. 1 English entertainment series”.

One of Discovery's biggest and most expensive productions, the new series telecast last Friday was ahead of all English movies, news and entertainment channels with 0.15 per cent TVR (All India cable & satellite homes,15-plus age group, SEC AB)

It was also ahead of all Hindi news channels on Budget day with a 0.19 per cent TVR (All India C&S homes, males, 15-plus, SEC AB), Discovery said. The show offers a peek into the actor's family time, his relationships with family members, business undertakings, his home and character. The series has got eight sponsors and is fully sold out.

“It is a big deal for us,” Mr Johri said, adding that it would help Discovery Travel and Living become the No. 1 English entertainment channel in India.

India has been a priority market for Discovery, where the company has a network of six channels.

The Indian market accounts for about eight per cent of Discovery's global subscriber base of 1.5 billion.

Discovery Networks Asia Pacific has announced the launch of Discovery HD, a 24-hour high-definition, English channel in India which will be available on DTH platform Sun Direct.

It will be a pay and advertisement-free channel. Subscribers will be charged Rs 25 per month, said Mr Johri. The broadcaster recently launched Discovery Science and Discovery Turbo.

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