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Now Get Videophone Service on BSNL Network - Sathish - 03-24-2009

Sai Info Systems (SIS) has partnered with BSNL to offer videophone service. To be launched in phased manner throughout the northern and western India, BSNL is marketing it as VAS preposition to its broadband consumer base. The service will be available through both - wireless and wireline mediums - and will be facilitated by switching technology through IP networks.

Speaking to ChannelTimes, Sunil Kakkad, CMD, SIS, said, "This service facilitate multimedia and high quality DVD, as well as specialized applications that include telemedicine, e-education and video surveillance. Now, the patients in rural region can access service, and hence, the geographical distance becomes zero."

According to Kakkad, "We are looking forward to make video communication affordable, so that it could penetrate larger consumer domain. This service would help corporate bosses to keep office communication live though a video call. This service integrates communication modes through single IP network for Next Generation Network (NGN). This service would serve businesses and corporate as well as government s initiatives for rural India."