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European skies open but airline schedules scrambled - SRK - 04-21-2010

LONDON, April 21 (Reuters) - Europe's skies were open for business on Wednesday, but with so many planes having been grounded by the pall of volcanic ash spreading from Iceland it could take days, or weeks, to clear the backlog.

Britain, a major global air hub as well as a busy destination in its own right that has been squarely under the ash plume, reopened its airspace on Tuesday night, giving a huge boost to travellers and air freight. [nLDE63J2KD]

Britain's Civil Aviation Authority made clear that scientists and manufacturers had downgraded the risk of flying in areas of relatively low ash concentrations.

"The major barrier to resuming flight has been understanding tolerance levels of aircraft to ash. Manufacturers have now agreed increased tolerance levels in low ash density areas," CAA head Deidre Hutton said.

Air France (AIRF.PA) plans to run all long-haul flights on Wednesday, Poland will reopen its airspace from 0500 GMT, and the Dutch allowed night flights from Tuesday after taking the lead in allowing passenger flights on Monday.

Germany, with the major Frankfurt hub, kept its airspace largely closed until at least 0000 GMT, although some 800 flights operated on Tuesday, all on visual take-off and landing.


RE: European skies open but airline schedules scrambled - Anish - 04-21-2010

But Still Britan Airways and other flights haven't resumed their operations...

Hope Cricket Guys from India can fly to West Indies through Iceland before ICC twenty 20...And hope all the Smoke and ash settles down soon:eyes: