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Ad of d2h - KRISHNASAGAR - 05-15-2010

I had seen a add of d2h in todays kannada daily vijaykarnataka

[Image: 20100515a_011101003.jpg]

RE: Ad of d2h - Amarjeet - 05-15-2010

please post the english version add. i cannot understand this language.........

RE: Ad of d2h - KRISHNASAGAR - 05-15-2010

i got this in kannada news paper .according to the title of the ad it's PAISA VASOOL OFFER .so perhaps we can go to the d2h web site and find the offer.if any body has in english papers can post here.

RE: Ad of d2h - Anish - 05-15-2010

Yes Now D2H has updated their website...

Now we can get 24 months of Diamond pack with Satellite LCD:jump::jump::up::up:

Wow Now they are also giving Money back offers:up: