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TV has more women viewers than men - KRISHNASAGAR - 05-23-2010

Television is the most preferred entertainment medium and women have established their supremacy over men in living rooms, a media study has found.

TV sealed the first slot with as many as 92 per cent of respondents voting for it in a survey conducted by commercial consultancy firm Deloitte on ‘State of the Media Democracy Survey,’

Among 2,000 respondents across the country, women were found to be watching more TV programmes (93 per cent), compared to men (91 per cent).

Analysing the reason behind TV’s sway among respondents from cities like Bangalore, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Surat and Indore, the study said, “this may be because TV has a wider reach than any other medium and the ‘visuals’ have a greater impact irrespective of their educational background, status etc.”

It further said “in India, the growth of the DTH platform has ensured that the remotest corner of the country can now get hooked onto numerous soaps, sports, news and other powerful visuals that modern day television beams out“.

Even the senior citizens rate TV as the preferred entertainment medium, with their score being as high as 95 per cent.

Newspaper occupies the second position.

“Indians, unlike the westerners, want to read dailies with their morning cup of tea. This reading habit is more visible in the younger bracket of respondents (those above 26 years), with 68 per cent of them preferring newspaper.

Among the younger generations, going to the movies, listening to music and radio are high on their next preferred entertainment areas. The tech-savvy generation is more inclined to Internet, gaming and cell phones as means of recreation,” the survey said.

Cell phone came out as the most preferred entertainment device as 64 per cent of the respondents falling in the age group of 14-25 voted for it.

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