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No new films from today - Sathish - 06-23-2010

KOCHI: The Film Producers Association and the Distributors Association have decided not to release new movies (all languages) from Wednesday onwards in protest against the decision by the Film Exhibitors Federation not to accept some of the key demands raised by both the associations.

Sabu Cherian, president of the film producers association, said that the exhibitors federation had failed to resolve the issues related to ‘hold over' (assessment of collections before shifting a movie from a theatre) and increasing the exhibitors' share for publicity cost of a movie.

Mr. Cherian alleged that the 48 centres affiliated to the federation had taken a non-cooperative stance in finding a solution to the issue. He said that all other trade bodies in the industry had resolved the various pending issues following the intervention of the government.


He said that the decision not to give new releases to the exhibitors federation will delay the release of movies like Oru Nal Varum (Mohanlal), and Nallavan (Jayasoorya).

AMMA and FEFKA are supporting the producers and distributors associations.

Source: The Hindu