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Tata adds magic to Swach - SRK - 07-03-2010

New Delhi: Tata Chemicals (TCL), in line with its vision to provide safe and affordable drinking water to large strata of society, today unveiled Tata Swach Smart Magic, the latest and most economical variant of its revolutionary Swach brand of water purifiers. The Tata Swach Smart Magic is priced attractively at Rs499. The product is a perfect confluence of technology and versatility, and endeavours to make safe drinking water easily accessible to far greater number of people across the country.

While unveiling the Tata Swach Smart Magic, R Mukundan, managing director, TCL, said: “In December 2009, we launched Tata Swach as the first step towards providing clean and affordable drinking water to the common man. We had also resolved to offer variants at lower price-points and make this remarkable innovation available to a wider section of society. Today, we are happy to unveil the Tata Swach Smart Magic, which is priced at Rs499 only, and also provides buyers the flexibility of using any of their domestic vessels as part of the purifier”. He further added, “We hope that with the entry of this product, many more households will get access to safe drinking water”.

Tata Swach Smart Magic has been developed in such a way that it can be fitted over any existing home water storage vessel. It has a sturdy body where the patented Tata Swach bulb, with 3000 liters of purification capacity is fitted. Tata Swach Smart Magic comes in attractive color options.

TCL today also unveiled Tata Swach Smart priced at Rs749. Along with this, the company has also announced the entry of Tata Swach in the North Indian markets. Aimed to address the challenges faced by the lack of access to safe drinking water Tata Swach, a unique and innovative water purifier was unveiled by, Ratan Tata, Chairman, Tata Sons, in December 2009. The product has received an overwhelming response in the launch markets so far.

Tata Swach is a household water purifier and requires no electricity or running water to operate. Using the power of nano-technology combined with natural ingredients, it delivers safe drinking water at a benchmark price of Re1 per day for a family of five.

Tata Swach and Tata Swach Smart come with a water holding capacity of 18 and 15 litres respectively. The replaceable cartridge, Tata Swach bulb, has a useful life of 3000 liters and has unique features like the Tata Swach fuse and Tata Swach lock. The fuse has an intelligent mechanism of measuring the amount of water passed through the bulb and has the ability to shut off water flow after its purification capacity is exhausted. The Tata Swach lock ensures that only a genuine Tata Swach bulb can fit into the Tata Swach, Tata Swach Smart or Tata Swach Smart Magic. The Tata Swach Bulb retails for Rs299.