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Rambo IV on Star Movies - Sathish - 04-02-2009

MUMBAI: Action movie lovers and evil guys beware! The brave-hearted Veitnam vet is back with a vengeance! Star Movies presents the fourth movie in the hit action series of Hollywood heartthrob Sylvester Stallone – Rambo IV aka John Rambo!

In the fourth installment of the Rambo series, John Rambo (Stallone) has retreated to northern Thailand near the Burmese border where he runs a small business wrangling cobras for a local tourist attraction. Rambo lives a solitary, simple life, refusing to be drawn into the conflicts in neighboring war-torn Burma. That is until a group of foreign missionaries and medics approach Rambo, asking him to ferry them upriver so they can bring aid to the local villagers.

Reluctantly, he agrees but later learns the well-intentioned foreigners have been captured by the Burmese Army. Joining a team of hard-edged mercenaries, Rambo embarks on one of his deadliest missions ever as he prepares to rescue the kidnapped Americans from the clutches of a sadistic Major.

Don’t miss this actioned packed movie on Saturday, April 4th, 2009 at 9pm only on Star Movies.